Welcome to Slack Reel Service Inc.   Based in the heart of Ontario's Golf Course community Slack Reel Service (SRS) and Mike Slack have been providing cutting edge mechanical and equipment maintenance services to the Ontario Golf Course industry for over 15 years.  Building on "cutting edge" gang reel sharpening services SRS has evolved into an industry leader in outsourced golf course equipment maintenance and mechanical services.  

The golf industry in Canada continues to grow each year and with clear demopraphic and leisure time trends in place the industry will continue to see high growth for many years to come.  Golf courses must continue to focus on efficient strategies to maximize couse quality and availablility while minimizing overhead and costs.  With a large part of annual operating budgets dedicated to golf course equipment purchase / leasing and equipment maintenance and a defined shortage of skilled mechanical talent to mange the increasing complexity of modern equipment, golf cources are in need of a new more efficient model.  

With a full services offering including regular equipment maintenance, advanced mechanical services, parts sourcing, used equipment sourcing, and business process consulting, Slack Reel Service is a fixture in more than 50 golf maintenance shops around Ontario.

Slack Reel Service looks forward to taking the next steps with your organization.